Friday, August 24, 2007

Apple SkinniPod Causing Quite A Stir

Cupertino, California--According to an unnamed source inside Apple, the world's favorite music player is about to get a very radical makeover.

Contrary to recent rumors that the future iPod Nano will be getting a wider form factor to make it more video-friendly, mock-ups of the new "SkinniPod" design show an elongated player that looks to be at least five times as long as it is wide. In addition, these leaked images of the unit show it only in black, which just adds to the slimming effect.

In a recent interview, independent industry analyst Ellen Doppler stated that Apple "was definitely looking to set itself apart from the crowd" with this new version of the Nano. "Let's face it," added Doppler, "the market is already saturated with Chinese iPod Nano clones. At this point, Apple is clearly a victim of their own success, and right now they are going to need to make some bold moves like this to stay ahead of the game."

Judging by the results of an informal chat room poll, most users saw little benefit to the skinniPod concept, but added that they would probably buy one anyway. "I personally don't see much use for it," mentioned one anonymous participant, "unless you only happen to like watching videos about skyscrapers or giraffes."

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giambo said...

could this be a fake? ;)

dac said...


No really?! I think that was the point. Funny stuff

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